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Project Description
This XNA Library to Mappy Maps helps XNA Developers to integrate the Tile Map maked up in the Mappy Tool with your XNA Project(Windows and Xbox 360).

This library allows you just drag and drop your archive(.FMP) at the Content Project in the XNA Project(Windows and Xbox 360).

Create your tile map with the Mappy Tool( for integrating with this XNA Library.

See my article(in portuguese) about this library at SharpGames(the Brazilian XNA Community):

Visit the Brazilian XNA Community:

Version 1.1

In this version:

- I wrote a new design to some classes;
- Finally, added a good new feature: Allow to use various layers of a file .FMP

To the new feature(support to various layers), we need to put the number of layers of the file .FMP

A screenshot of the new example. This example is rendering a map with 4 layers.

Some ScreenShots:

Making the Game Level at the Mappy Tool

You can save informations about each tile, using the slots User 1, User 2, ..., for reading it in your XNA Game.

An Example running with the XNA!

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